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Let your imagination run wild with Ssebowa

Text Input

Enter your thoughts, ideas, or stories into Ssebowa's intuitive text input interface.

Image Transformation

Converts your text into stunning visual representations that capture the essence of your content.

AI Conversations

Engage in natural, flowing conversations with Ssebowa

Sharing and Amazement:

Share your combined text and image creations with the world.

Features and Benefits


Dive into rich and dynamic conversations with Ssebowa. Discuss ideas, brainstorm concepts, or even get writing suggestions – Ssebowa is here to spark your creativity and broaden your horizons

Text-to-Images Magic

Translate your words into captivating images with just a few seconds. Whether it's a poem, a story, or an abstract thought, Ssebowa's text-to-images feature brings your textual creations to life.


Ssebowa facilitates text
and PDF translation in over 100 languages, supporting cross-cultural communication and multilingual document management for both businesses and individuals.

PDF interaction

Ssebowa simplifies PDF tasks: summarizes, translates, and answers questions from PDF content, aiding students, researchers, and professionals in saving time and enhancing document comprehension.

Video calls with Ssebowa avatars

Ssebowa allows users to have video calls with AI-generated avatars. This can be useful for lonely individuals who want to engage in deep conversations without being judged.

Code generation

Ssebowa can generate code
in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Java, and C++.
This can be useful for developers who want to save time and improve their productivity.

What is Ssebowa?

Ssebowa is the meeting point of two cutting-edge technologies: image generative and a large language model. Our app empowers you to effortlessly transform your thoughts and words into stunning visual representations, all while engaging in captivating conversations with AI.

Pricing Plan.

Monthly Plan


  • Unlimited image generation.
  • Unlimited video generation.
  • Unlimited Video Calls.
  • Unlimited document translations.
  • Unlimited document scanning.
  • Unlimited text to text or audio queries.

Mission and Vision


To enhance the well-being and productivity of individuals and businesses through the power of AI-driven companionship, support, and creativity. We strive to create innovative solutions that foster connections, simplify tasks, and inspire personal and professional growth.


To be the world's leading AI virtual friend, offering a multifaceted, personalized, and empowering platform that enriches the lives of our users. We envision a future where Ssebowa becomes an indispensable and trusted companion, enhancing the way people connect, learn and create.

Join the Creative Revolution!

Ssebowa is not just an app; it's a gateway to a new era of creativity. Experience the fusion of words and visuals in a unique way. Download Ssebowa now and embark on a journey of limitless imagination and artistic expression.

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